Can anyone contribute?

Yes, if you sign up. We do ask that you take it seriously and post thoughtful reviews based on real experiences with real products.

Is there a word limit?

No official word limit, but try to be succinct and specific. Be creative with your adjectives and descriptions to provide a colorful and accurate review.  Use exclamation points sparingly - and above all, keep it classy.  Oh, and yes, spelling matters.

Is it OK to take photos from the web?

Generally, if the reviews are positive (as those on MyFaveBeauty are intended to be) then the companies whose images you are citing are happy to have their products out there. We ask that the photos you upload are good quality, clear and represent the products you're “faving” in a positive way. Please select high-quality, large format images on a white background only. 

Are the posts moderated?

All contributor posts will be reviewed by MyFaveBeauty for quality and content before being published.

What about negative reviews?

Nope, MyFaveBeauty is a happy place.

Do you accept free products for your reviews?